Support for WebDAV

Add support for WebDAV.


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Ben Delville, 6 months ago
I know you are busy, just wondering how this is coming along? Would really be a great differentiating feature for SFTPCloud!
Jack S., 11 months ago
WebDAV will provide many possibilities and give you the opportunity to highlight SFTPCloud.

If it's hard to implement?
Maybe it could be made available in the beta version?
For tests? To refine over time.
XIV, 11 months ago
No updates for sooooo long for SFTPCloud. Today is my last day to refund this. I might as well go ahead. This is disappointing. I had high hopes for you!
Alex, 1 year ago
Hello. At the moment we don't have a release date set yet :)
Werner, 1 year ago

can you already say when the function will be usable?

Thanks very much
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In Progress
1 year ago, Alex